Registered Psychologist, PhD


Throughout my career I have focused on three key areas of psychology: private practice, research and teaching. Having worked with such different disciplines has given me a broad knowledge base as well as a deeper understanding of people (individuals, groups and our role in society).

I started conducting research at Uppsala University directly after graduation (reg. Psychologist) and immediately opened my own private practice. I later received my PhD in Psychology from Stockholm University.

I initially started working with psychodynamic therapy and have also since then included areas such as emotion, cognition , social psychology and interpersonal relationships in my therapeutic work. I am acutely aware that people are a part of their social environment, which influences many parts of their lives, including relationships, feelings, attitudes and actions.  

In recent years I have qualified in affect - focused therapy and practice a softer form of ISTDP (Intensive Short - Term Dynamic Therapy). The advantage of affect - focused therapy is that it recognises emotions and bodily responses in a different way to standard PDT therapy and reinforces processes of change.