Therapy from a mind-body approach

Exhaustion & somatic problems

Exhaustion, stress reactions and other somatic symptoms have some similarities. They often persist over a longer period of time and may lack medical evidence. Symptoms of pain, stiffness, tremors, lack of energy, concentration difficulties etc are some examples. For other somatic problems such as narcolepsy, medical evidence can be available.

The reasons why the symptoms have developed can be several. Injury, illness or trauma may be behind the development of symptoms. It may also be unclear why the symptoms have occurred.

Living with long-term somatic problems is demanding. It is a challenge to constantly find solutions for everyday life, work and relationships so that life can continue as well as possible.

For this type of psychological treatment it is important to pay attention to the difference between 'thinking and knowing' about the problems and 'feeling and knowing' about which emotional processes could reduce anxiety and depression, and which emotional processes that can strengthen vitality and activity in everyday and working life.

For the treatment of exhaustion and bodily complaints, the client and I work initially based on a combination of ISTDP (on emotional and relational processes) and a cognitive-behavioral approach. How the client and I later work depends on what changes the client wishes to do and what is needed for the changes to take place.