Are there available slots in daytime and evening time? 

Therapy sessions can be booked Monday-Friday, and sometimes there is availability for evening bookings.


How long is a therapy session?

A regular session is 50 minutes, and the first booked session is 90 minutes (1.5 hours). Some book 75 minutes or double hours to work in more depth.


Do I have to choose between sessions online and at the practice?

It works well to have sessions only online or at the practice, and it is possible to switch between them. Having online sessions is an asset for therapy, not a hindrance. Sessions at the practice and online can be booked Monday-Thursday, and Fridays only online.


What is the typical format for therapy?

Most therapies are short-term therapy or longer in my private practice. In short-term therapy, the client and I meet once a week for approximately 12-16 weeks. Other clients want it to keep the therapy process more open or prolonged (for example, six months or longer).

Sometimes clients wish to book block therapy (2–3-hour sessions over a few days) as they do not live in Stockholm or are restricted to booking short-term therapy. Block therapy is also an option for those who want to work on a more focused issue and are motivated to do so for a few days.


What therapeutic orientation do you work with?

I work with a base in psychodynamic and affect-focused therapy (ISTDP) and have integrated other cognitive and behavioral science perspectives. I also emphasize the social contexts in which clients grew up and lived. Lifestyles, norms, and values differ between contexts, cultures, generations, and over time.


Do you do therapy in languages other than Swedish? 

I have medicines in English and also German. I understand French well, but I do not speakß fluently, unfortunately.


Do you do only individual therapy or also couples therapy? 

I see clients for individual therapy. For inquiries about couple therapy, I recommend colleagues who have done training in couple or family therapy.


Do clients return after completing therapy? 

Yes, it happens that they return. They are welcome. It is gratifying to see how easy it can be to pick up the thread from previous therapy, and how quickly the client and I can work toward what they want help with.



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