Counselling & therapy

At Psychological Forum, you as a professional can book counselling and therapy for health issues and challenges. If you are looking for profound and lasting changes, welcome to book an initial session with reg psychologist and dr Maria Sandgren.

Counselling for lasting changes 

A common reason for professionals to seek counselling or therapy is when they sense that they cannot perform in their work as well as before. Their well-being is affected by sleep problems, being wound up, irritation, overthinking, worrying, and lack of desire and motivation. Clients often say that they have a bad conscience for close ones.

The causes for the stress symptoms can vary, but commonly, clients describe a long-term and intense commitment to work, and some describe having a lifestyle that no longer fits their needs and aspirations. Some describe symptoms related to exhaustion syndrome. Others find themselves in crisis (losses, relationships, existential crise,).

Maria Sandgren also meets clients who desire more productivity and creativity but need help to go ahead. Earlier complicated experiences and also stress-related symptoms may be interfering with private and professional aspirations. Other obstacles to advance can be norms and expectations from previous life phases that come into play in the current life situation.

Some contact Psychological Forum to gain perspective and find new ways to relate to themselves, in relationships, and in their work.

Counseling and therapy can be booked by the professional or their employer. We will discuss what kind of conversation – therapy, rehab, counselling, coaching – is needed. Welcome to contact Psychological Forum to discuss a suitable arrangement.




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