Over the years, I have focused on three key areas of psychology: private practice, research, and education. Working with such different disciplines has given me a broad knowledge base and a deeper understanding of people (individuals, groups, and our role in society).

I started conducting research at Uppsala University directly after graduation (reg. Psychologist) and immediately opened my own private practice. I later received my PhD in Psychology from Stockholm University.

I started working with psychodynamic therapy and have added other psychology areas, such as cognition and emotions. A base on interpersonal relationships still follows. I am acutely aware that people are a part of their social environment, which influences many aspects of their lives, including relationships, feelings, attitudes, and actions. Later, I trained in affect-focused therapy ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy).

I also work as a researcher and have an avid interest in psychology. As a therapist, educator, and blogger, I keep updated with clinical psychology (particularly about ISTDP), learning, emotions, and related areas. Previously I have lectured and planned courses and training in several areas of psychology: emotion, social psychology, the life span, cognition, personality, work and psychology, scientific method, the psychology of creativity, political psychology, etc



Reg psychologist from Uppsala University (1997) specialized in psychodynamic therapy.

Psychology PhD from Stockholm University (2005) with a dissertation on professional development (well-being, personality, learning, and achievement) in music, recognized by the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University as the best doctoral dissertation.

Participated in the first ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy) core training (2012-2015) in Sweden with professor Allan Abbas, Canada, and MSW Jon Frederickson, USA, and followed up with ISTDP Advanced training (2021-2022) with professor Allan Abbas and PhD, clinical psychologist Joel Town, Canada.

Various courses in French and German (in Sweden and abroad), drama/theatre/film, higher education pedagogy, and group processes at Stockholm University, Umeå University, and Karolinska Institute in Sweden.


My research interests are in social psychology (attitudes, gender equality, political orientation), work psychology (interpersonal conflicts in working life), and music psychology (well-being, choral singing, artistic development). Affiliated researcher at Mälardalen University, Sweden Mälardalens universitet 

Owner of Psychological Forum Sweden AB, where I work as a therapist and offer supervision, lectures, and workshops to professionals who work with conversations individually or in groups.

My homepage for private persons considering therapy is Psychological Forum Psychological forum 

My homepage, directed to professionals in health care, HR, and related areas, looking for supervision, workshops, and lectures, is Thinking about Therapy, and the blog is Thinking about therapy Another homepage is in Swedish, also directed to professionals in health care, HR, and related areas, Psykologiskt perspektiv Psykologiskt perspektiv  och på engelska Thinking about therapy  och bloggen Thinking about therapy 

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